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I've been using Floor Plans First since the beginning. Both sellers and prospective buyers appreciate the detailed and well presented flyers. It's a great tool for listing presentations too!

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Have you ever wondered what all the symbols on a floor plan mean? Here's a visual floor plan legend to help you out!

Scale - Shows size of floor plan in relation to feet.

north arrow
North Arrow - Indicates which side of the floor plan is north.

Wall - This is the symbol for a solid wall. The symbol portrays the wall's relative thickness.

partial height wall
Partial Height Wall - Symbol for low wall that doesn't go all the way to the ceiling.

door swing
Door Swing - Indicates direction the door opens, and location of door knob.

Window - Symbol for glass window in a solid wall.

sliding glass door
Sliding Glass Door - Symbol for sliding glass door in a solid wall indicating which panel slides.

Toilet - Symbol for toilet.

Bathtub - Symbol for bathtub showing location of faucet and drain.

Shower - Symbol for shower without tub.

bathroom sink
Bathroom Sink - Symbol for bathroom sink.

kitchen sink
Kitchen Sink - Symbol for two-compartment kitchen sink.

Range - Symbol for kitchen range.

Refrigerator - Symbol for kitchen refrigerator.

washer and dryer
Washer/Dryer - Symbol for washer and dryer.

bifold doors
Bifold Doors - Indicates bifold doors and direction of operation.

Tree - Symbol representing various exterior trees.

Shrub - Symbol representing various exterior shrubs.

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