Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does your service cost?
  2. Even though we measure and draw all areas including garages, carports, storage, mechanical rooms, and porches, we base our fee on the square feet of Livable Area (heated, cooled, and finished).
  3. Do you measure and draw commercial as well as residential properties?
  4. Yes, we measure and draw both residential and commercial properties.
  5. What qualifications do you have to measure and draw floor plans and give an opinion of square footage?
  6. Our company is owned and managed by a licensed architect. All floor plans and opinions of square footage are produced under the direction of the owner, a licensed architect in the State of Arizona.
  7. Where do you get your floor plans?
  8. We visit each property and do a fresh measurement, inside and out, utilizing established standards. Our technician then returns to our studio and prepares a drawing and calculates square footage. We do not copy construction drawings or public record archived drawings since they are often incorrect.
  9. How long does the whole process take?
  10. When you order, we often can schedule a technician to measure the next day. The measurement often takes less than one hour per thousand square feet. After returning to our studio, the drawings are completed and sent to you within a week, often within 2 days.
  11. I already have construction floor plans from the architect or builder - why do I need yours?
  12. Our floor plans are made for marketing purposes, showing clearly only the information needed by Buyers. Construction drawings are usually the wrong size, not in good condition, or contain too much technical data to be easily understood. Also, during construction, modifications are made to the building that are not shown on the original construction drawings.
  13. I get my square footage from the Assessor's public record. Why should I use the square footage you calculate?
  14. Due to a variety of reasons, the Assessor's records are often not accurate. We spend considerable time at the property measuring and then carefully drawing the floor plan to ensure the most accurate opinion of square footage.
  15. An appraiser will measure the house, so why should I hire you?
  16. The appraiser often is brought into the process after the sale is in escrow, too late to use our opinion of square footage to help set the Listing Price. Also, the floor plan we complete is best utilized at the beginning of the marketing process.
  17. Do you guarantee or certify the square footage of the properties you measure?
  18. While we offer a professional opinion of square footage designed to be highly accurate, we do not guarantee nor certify. We stand behind our opinion of square footage and will discuss and answer any questions you have regarding the calculations.
  19. Will using your service keep me from getting sued over square footage disputes?
  20. While anyone can bring a lawsuit against anyone for any reason, having us report the square footage will greatly increase your chances of prevailing in any square footage dispute. This is especially true when our square footage report is received before an offer is made on the property. While some buyers will claim the agent knew or should have know about square footage differences, our service provides the ultimate in square footage due diligence.
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